Help Promote Rescued Animals By Linking To This Site

When Perth residents want to bring a new dog into their lives they search the web. Right now, this turns up lots of dogs for sale by private sellers but very few dogs for sale by shelters and rescue groups.

Help us change that by linking to this site. We only link to Shelters, Rescue Groups and sites listing dogs for adoption. We’ve taken the unusual approach of using the term “dogs for sale” to attract people who may not know about adoption yet but know they want a dog.

We’ll be happy to link back to your site on this page. Just leave a message on our Facebook page with the URL of the page you’ve linked from and what you would like us to link to.

We launched on 21st November 2010 so the first few links are vital in helping us reach our goal of generating more traffic for shelters and rescue groups this summer.

You can also checkout these sites listing dogs for sale at shelters and rescue groups


 Dog Rescue Newcastle


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